Monday, January 23, 2012

Looks like I've found my Magnum.

I grew up watching Magnum P.I. with my Mom. If truth be told, watched it even after I was married until a regrettable incident when I was super pregnant with Turner. I made the mistake of watching the episode where he thinks he's going to die and remembers his Dad dying that had me sobbing while being laughed at by my sweet husband. Since I still can't live that one down, the show kind of lost it's appeal. But, my mom on the other hand, still watches it and anything else with Tom Selleck. She loooves him. We still tease her about how hot she thinks he is. I was watching A Single Man today and realized I have found my Magnum. I also realized that I couldn't help comparing it to Brokeback Mountain and how it made that movie look even clunkier in it's love story than I thought possible. It also doesn't make me want to yell, "I wish I could quit you Ennis!" every time the kids watch Prince of Persia but that's another problem entirely. Going back to A Single Man; it stars Colin Firth, which is the whole reason I watched it in the first place. The whole time I was watching it all I could think was,"Aww I love Colin Firth!". Yes, even when he is kissing another man. Doesn't matter. He was the only reason that I watched The King's Speech even though he started showing his age in that one. Still doesn't matter. He is also(along with Hugh Grant a little) the only reason I watch the problematic(to say the least) Love Actually.  He could probably play a cross dressing serial killer/rodeo clown and I would sit there happily. While he was tottering around in heels dismembering cowboys or whatever I would just be happy I was watching him. I blame Pride and Prejudice. He will be 82 and gumming his carrots as someone's grumpy grandad in something and I'll look around and say, "that Mr. Darcy sure is a handsome man!". I have indeed found my Magnum. I am so sighing right now. And thinking it's time to watch Pride and Prejudice. Again. Sigh.     

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