Thursday, March 29, 2012

Turnabout is fair play

There is something wrong with me.
As soon as I started the mental list of all the people needing Thank You cards (at the least!) I immediately began the list of what I would need from the scrapbook store. Of course there was NOTHING already in the house that was acceptable. I'm not one of those sick paper hoarders that you read about in Psychology Today. Or one of those sad people you see buying pre-made ones in the store. These were important. Nothing but handmade would do. My goal was to get them done and out the door no later than 2 weeks after Suzie got out of the hospital. That was...a month and a half ago. Damn and double damn.
 I got off to a good start. I really did. I even went to the store with a specific design in mind, something I rarely do. I couldn't decide which paper I wanted so I bought a little bit of this and a little bit of that and; Tim if you're reading this, cover you're ears; spent way too much money buying more than I needed. And that's the beginning of the end my friends. I then added insult to injury by bringing it home, only making a few cards and switching to paper I already had. And making a huge mess in the bedroom that I stack every night when I'm done wrestling with the paper for the night. I really do have another screw loose somewhere. The mess is still there and this is all I've ended up with so far. AND since turnabout is fair play, I have uploaded all of them for some serious ridicule. I will tell you that there is only one card here that I completely like. There is also another card that was made with paper that made me sooo mad that I actually threw the rest of it away rather than recycle it or give it away. I may have even crumpled it up too before discarding it. 
 So, lemme have it with both barrels. I deserve it.   

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Krysta said...

Of course I love the one with Venus on it.