Friday, March 16, 2012

Another guest post

But not because I'm too lazy this time. This one is by Turner. But she begged me. Really.

Everybody in Draper is either a drug dealer or  always inappropriately dressed......When you ride the middle school bus with a bunch of city slickers, you really start to realize how absolutely horrible people are. People are self centered, naughty and extremely stuck up. Girls have absolutely no self respect (you can tell by what they wear and how much make-up they have on). That, or they have too much self respect. If my mom hadn't banned me from using a specific "W" word in this blog post, I would repeatedly type it right now. People are just really really really bad swear words. If you're not rich here, you are meaningless and a really big loser. Unless you wear 7 million layers of make-up and pretend to be stupid to make up for not having an enormous house or an iPhone, people won't even look at you. Apparently NASCAR fans are losers too. People have no idea what the world around them is like. They don't respect other people and they can't see past the veil of snobbish conceitedness that's in front of them. If you don't dress like that certain "W" word, you're not worth looking at or talking to. If you don't have a bunch of money or perfect skin, you're a target for bullies and "I'm so much better than you" looks. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. ( I had to do five "Blah"s so I would have an odd number. I almost did four "Blah"s but then I felt weird and had to add another). Anyway..... Why can't we just go live with Kasey Kahne in North Carolina and then I can go to my college? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I DID NOT beg to blog, but I seriously wanted to get away from my chores....and tell the world how HIDEOUSLY punchable most of these stuck up rich kids are. Notice how I said "most". If only I could use inappropriate words! I actually don't know how I  get by at Crescent View Middle School. I guess I ended up being smart enough (or pretty enough) for them because some people DO talk to me and some people DO want to be my friends. You have got to be quiet about this but some boys actually DO flirt with me. But I see behind everything they say and do. Nearly all of them are the same. About 3 or so of my friends at school actually understand and agree with what I am saying. Every other person that I've decided to tolerate has totally crumpled under the judgement of the "rulers" of the school. They don't understand that you should pace yourself when doing the pacer in gym. They think that if you sprint ahead on the first 5 laps across the gym before the beep then you are "as good" as everyone else. Then, they are totally confused as to why they get tired and have to quit so fast. On the first few laps across the gym, I reach the other side of the gym last. I always make it to the required line before the beep and get to the next line in perfect time too, even though I'm the last person to reach the line. It's not because I'm slow, I could sprint if I wanted to. Yet, I have reasons for not wanting to. All of those  girls just sprint as fast as they can, trying to show everybody up. Yet, those girls only get 20 or so on the pacer. Since I pace myself on the pacer, I can get the highest out of the girls. They are so confused as to why I can get 50 and they can't. Especially since they do dance and cheer and sports but I don't. They simply won't open their eyes and see that being better has way more to it than being first to the line. Most of the time, the first ones to the line are the first ones out. This is also how their lives go. They race to do every little thing to seem better than everyone else now. They buy the expensive clothes, flirt with all of the boys, etc. But they'll get out of this game called life faster than I will. They'll end up like they did when running the pacer: best for the first 3 times around but  worst after about 10 more.  I understand what is going on around me and understand how I'm going to reach my victory in the end. I've opened my eyes now and it's more than likely that these people won't open their eyes until it's too late because of how they are living now. I'm not bragging and I'm not saying that all of them are going to end up badly or as losers. I'm certainly not trying to say that I'm better than them either. I'm just saying that I'm different. I'm just making a point and trying to explain why being a "W" word or a stuck up jerk won't always help you like it does now.


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