Friday, March 7, 2008

Keeping Up With...

Last night, after having wasted an extremely embarrassing amount of time looking at other blogs on this site, I came to the conclusion that 75% consist entirely of bad poetry and/or rambling drivel. Present company excepted of course! Far be it for me to do anything but run with the herd.(anybody not wanting to be compared to a cow, insert your own analogy here) So-with the handicap of being completely Pepsi/Coke free this morning(dangerous, dangerous), I submit my new poem. Maybe tomorrow I'll post some pictures of our latest adventure to the grocery store or some of the pictures from 1999 that document all of our favorite diaper rash ointment brands. Riveting!

I eat
my peas from the can
the tears
the clown
enters and cries
with me
oh why
I ask the heavens
but no one
it is left
for me
to ponder
Oh cruel
Bret Michaels
in his
bandanna wig


Anonymous said...

oh i am left speechless, what great poetry you write you inspire me!

KrystaLyn said...

I am peeing my pants right now! Serously, I can't explain how much that made me laugh! BRAVO!

The CM Elias Mix said...

You are Hilarious!

Jenna said...

I love you shauna!