Friday, April 12, 2013


So, after my ridiculous resolution from last year expired, I promised myself I would keep blogging. Not because I think anyone out there is anxious for pictures of my new cards or to read my latest rant about how stupid people are. Because it's fun and it's nice to have somewhere to dump all of the crap floating around in the old noggin. Every few days I sit down to write something, and end up looking around the room an hour later to the realization that my coffee is cold, my back is killing me (our computer chair sucks ass), and I have looked at a bunch of dumb crap instead of doing what I set out (or sat down as it were) to do. 

Insert heavy sigh and irritated head shake here.

It happened again today. Of course. 
instead of paying bills and figuring out exactly how much money we don't have, I am going to share what has been wasting my time this week. I know, deep down, you were dying to know. You just can't admit it to yourself because you're too busy keeping your shit together to prove how superior to me you are.

This one is from today. 
China. That's all I can say.

I know this has made the rounds this week but since the kids and I have
 watched it multiple times since Tuesday, it obviously bears repeating. 
The T-Rex kills me. I am such a nerd.

If you are a gamer or if you're like me and just love
 how cool some of the games look, you'll like these.

I'm not one of those Disney freaks running rampant around the internets but these are
 so awesome, I would buy the dickens out of a shirt bearing almost any of these.
I would wear that shirt so hard. You have no idea.

Speaking of Disney, this will make you wonder if anybody over there
 gave any serious thought to the finer plot points in Beauty and the Beast.

And in keeping with the Disney theme, I give you this:
The kids keep requesting it so I have been walking around the house
 for the last 2 weeks humming this tune.
It's kinda fun.(the video, not the humming. that's getting irritating)

Since I just confessed to being an Olympic level time waster, you know I could go on and on but I'll leave it here. Since it's afternoon, I guess I should go find some breakfast or something.

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